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The deadline for claim submission has passed; no new claims will be processed for this class action settlement.

Panoramic Sunroof Class Action Settlement Claim Site

Welcome to the Hyundai Panoramic Sunroof Class Action Settlement claim site.

Deadline for claiming reimbursement for repairs, repair-related costs (e.g., rental car), or compensation for shattering: July 25, 2019. (However, if you incur a repair-related cost (e.g., a rental car) for an extended warranty repair, you may submit a claim within 90 days of that cost.)

Deadline for claiming compensation for trade-in or sale of a Class Vehicle: no later than 90 days after completing your full transaction (including acquisition of another vehicle), and full transaction must be completed by no later than July 25, 2019.

Deadline for opting out of or objecting to the settlement: June 25, 2019.

See the Settlement Notice for additional claim details.

You can check the status of an existing claim by clicking on View Status.